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Life Saver Diet Monitoring Digital Nutrition Scale SAD4181-BL
Newline Digital food nutrition scale is perfect for those watching their calories, carbs, or almost any dietary measurement. Weights and tracks nutritional intake, a truly accurate way to adhere to a low carb diet (or any diet), analyses over 1000 kinds of foods, ingredients and liquids. Compact in size with a neat & modern style. Ideal for diabetics / dietary needs. Capacity:1kg x 1g 2kg x 1g 3kg x 1g Graduation: 1g/0.1oz

Price: US$44.95

Newline Digital Nutrition Diet Scale with GI Value, White
Calculates calories, protein, carbohydrates, sugar, cholesterol and Glycemic Index value

Price: US$45.95

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Newline Wooden Platform Electronic Bathroom Scale SBB0806-WD

WAS US$75.95


Saving: US$36.00

Accurate personal or bathroom scale with a beautiful natural wood platform design.
Color: Natural wood (not red)

Product Code: SBB0806-WD

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Detailed description:

Product Description

This is an accurate personal or bathroom scale with a beautiful natural wood lamination platform design. Color: Natural wood (not red). Powered by 2 lithium batteries that has extra long life.


Capacity: 150 kg / 330 lb ; Graduation:100 g / 0.2 lb. Specification: Equipped with a high precision strain gauge sensor system. It comes with wooden layer with tempered safety glass platform. Foot tap switch. 0.86 LCD. Auto zero resetting / auto power off.


Low power / Over-load indicator.
Power: 23V CR2032 lithium battery (included).

Important Information

1st time using: For Lithium battery powered scale, please pull the insulation tape out for the first time activation. (Note: after pulling out the tape, make sure the batteries are still in good position & well contact.) Loose batteries will cause the scale inaccurate and hard to be activated.

Put the scale on a hard & flat surface. Switch on the scale by foot tap or toe till the front middle platform. Normally, it takes around 2 seconds to activate, you need to wait for the blinking 0.00 to stop before stepping on it. Carpeted or uneven surfaces will distort the accuracy of the scale



Scale Activation Recommendation:

The best way to activate this scale is to lift or tilt the scale with your big toe or toes about to 1 inch and then drop it. It turns on automatically almost 100% of the time. No need to bend over to search for on/off button.


You can also tap it with your foot to activate the scale, but the tapping has to create enough vibration for the scale to respond.


We do not recommend standing with one foot & tapping the scale with another. Such tapping may be hard for seniors or people with difficulties of standing with one foot. Therefore, the best way is to stand firmly on the floor, toe lift and drop the scale slightly to turn it on.


This scale must be operated on a flat & solid surface or floor for accurate results. Do not use it on carpet or rugs.

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