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Life Saver Diet Monitoring Digital Nutrition Scale SAD4181-BL
Newline Digital food nutrition scale is perfect for those watching their calories, carbs, or almost any dietary measurement. Weights and tracks nutritional intake, a truly accurate way to adhere to a low carb diet (or any diet), analyses over 1000 kinds of foods, ingredients and liquids. Compact in size with a neat & modern style. Ideal for diabetics / dietary needs. Capacity:1kg x 1g 2kg x 1g 3kg x 1g Graduation: 1g/0.1oz

Price: US$44.95

Newline Digital Nutrition Diet Scale with GI Value, White
Calculates calories, protein, carbohydrates, sugar, cholesterol and Glycemic Index value

Price: US$45.95

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Newline Electronic Talking Bathroom Scale, 440 lb max, SCB-105

WAS US$69.00


Saving: US$36.05

Accurate personal or bathroom talking scale with a contemporary glass design.

Product Code: SCB-105

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Newline's talking bathroom scale can clearly announce the weight in lb or kg. Talking function can be turned off. User-friendly greetings, no programming needed. Simply tap on the talking scale slightly with your foot to "wake" it up. The scale will say “Please wait”; after 1 second, “Ok, please step on the scale.” Step on the talking scale and it will announce your weight to a tenth of a pound or kg in a very loud clear female voice, as well as display the results on the large LED readout. After ten seconds of non-use, the scale automatically shuts off. No need to search for buttons! No need to bend over to read the display! It is ideal for the blind or the vision-impaired. If no voice is desired, the voice mode can be switched off by a button on the back of the scale.


The beautiful Contemporary Glass design is sturdy and easy to clean. The talking scale is accurate within 1 percent of your weight (+ or -). It is designed to use on a hard flat surface. Carpeted or uneven surfaces will distort the accuracy of the scale.


1 year limited warranty. Capacity: 20 kg / 440 lb Graduation: 0.1 kg or 0.1 lb. Uses 2 "AAA" batteries (not included).

  • True Voice Indication with on/off ontrol, Auto Reading Data
  • Foot tap or tilt to activate, no need to search for buttons
  • Ideal for the vision-impaired
  • Max weight 440 lb
  • clear desplay with blue background

Instructions to Locate & Open Battery Compartment for

Item # SCB-105 Talking Bathroom Scale



    Back of Scale SCB-105


The battery compartment is located on the back next to the Left Hand Side leg with the product label on top:
Slide the cover to your right
à to open.

Insert 2 AAA batteries (not included) into the battery compartment


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