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Life Saver Diet Monitoring Digital Nutrition Scale SAD4181-BL
Newline Digital food nutrition scale is perfect for those watching their calories, carbs, or almost any dietary measurement. Weights and tracks nutritional intake, a truly accurate way to adhere to a low carb diet (or any diet), analyses over 1000 kinds of foods, ingredients and liquids. Compact in size with a neat & modern style. Ideal for diabetics / dietary needs. Capacity:1kg x 1g 2kg x 1g 3kg x 1g Graduation: 1g/0.1oz

Price: US$44.95

Newline Digital Nutrition Diet Scale with GI Value, White
Calculates calories, protein, carbohydrates, sugar, cholesterol and Glycemic Index value

Price: US$35.95

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NewlineNY Stainless Steel 6 Pcs Perforated Oval Rectugular Square Tart Rings Molding Plating

WAS US$45.00


Saving: US$26.05

NewlineNY Stainless Steel 6 Pcs Perforated Oval Rectugular Square Tart Rings Molding Plating

Product Code: NY-PTR06-20A0028

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Newline NY Stainless Steel Premium Baking series: another great product from NewlineNY for bakers. Newline NY Stainless Steel 6 pcs Perforated Oval Rectangular Square Tart Rings, Molding, Plating, Set of 6: 2 of each (13cm x 4cm 5" x 1.5") + (10cm x 5.5cm 4" x 1.5") + (7cm 2.8" square) x (2cm 0.8" H). Pro-style tart & dessert presentation: ideal for creating Oval, Rectangular & Square tarts, cakes, mousse and desserts; Excellent for baking and molding; 18/10 Stainless steel; Easy for cleaning & dishwasher safe

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